Discipleship Training

at Grace Fellowship



What's the Purpose of the Institute?

The Grace Fellowship Institute exists to form disciples within the context of the local church. We believe discipleship and Bible literacy go hand in hand.


“And the word of God continued to increase, and the number of disciples multiplied greatly in Jerusalem...” (Acts 6:7).


The Goal

In the Institute, our goal is for people at Grace Fellowship to know and love God more deeply through gaining an understanding of God’s unified story in Scripture and the essential beliefs and practices of Christianity.


Two Discipleship Pathways


Training Program

Essentials Class – A 6-week class this spring that tackles the essential distinctives of the Christian faith. This class covers topics such as: What is truth? Who is God? What is the church? What are the end times?

For registration information, email Tyler


Intern Program

Summer Internships at Grace – We believe in raising up the next generation of leaders. Summer internships are offered in various ministries in our church. Learn more and apply below.

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