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Estrategias Para Una Vida Efectiva

"Estrategias Para Tu Vida Sexual" | Proverbios 5:1-23

Se sugiere orientacion de los padres, algunos temas pueden ser inapropiados para menores de 13 años 

Pastor Jeff Dietz

28 de Mayo de 2023

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English Service

Life Hacks

"Life Hacks for Your Sex Life" | Proverbs 5:1-23

Parental Guidance Suggested, Today's Message involves Topics about Sex

Pastor Jeff Dietz | May 28, 2023

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Student Ministry at North Katy Campus

Students at the North Katy Campus are a church of nations that pray for the nations. We gather together, eat, play, worship the King, pray hard, dive deep into the word, and boldly proclaim the name of Jesus. Relationship is key, We love each other like family, so expect to feel like it! At North Katy Campus our students are involved in not only student ministry, but Children's, Worship, Missions, and Hospitality, as well as serving outside of these walls on mission trips and community service projects. We are in awe of what God is doing!

Wednesday Nights and Small Groups

Junior High and High School meet every Wednesday night at 6PM at the North Katy Campus. We would love to meet you and welcome you into the North family!  Students are relational and long for the opportunity to be with each other. We want to facilitate that, so most Wednesdays we gather up in small groups to unpack what God is doing through his word and in our lives.

Events & Trips

We want to experience God in fun and exciting ways, in order to do so we do multiple events yearly to give our students an opportunity to get away and see God in different environments.

  • DNOW - A unique weekend event for students to immerse themselves in the word and worship. This event takes place every January over MLK weekend.
  • Summer Camp - a week-long camp built by North Katy Campus to cater specifically to the needs of our students.


Student Worship

Our worship on Wednesday Nights is student lead! if you are interested in being a part, let Kyle know! We’re always looking for students who know how to play an instrument or sing and long to use their talents for the kingdom!


From welcoming students, to running the soundboards during worship, serving as a small group leader, or just being available for students, there is a place for everyone to serve! As a body, we have an opportunity to launch more and more Christ-followers into the next generation by surrounding them with Christian adults who care. All Student Ministry volunteers are Safe Sanctuary trained and must pass a thorough background check to protect our children and our volunteers.