DivorceCare Near Me in Katy, Texas - A Place to Find Healing and Support





Divorce can be an incredibly difficult and painful experience. It can leave one feeling overwhelmed, alone, and unsure of where to turn. That's why having a support system is so important. Grace Fellowship Church in Katy, Texas offers a DivorceCare program that provides emotional, practical, and spiritual support (or divorce care) for anyone going through this difficult experience.


What is DivorceCare?

DivorceCare is a support group designed for people who are going through or have recently gone through a divorce or separation. It is a safe environment where people can share their difficult experiences, receive support from others who authentically understand, and work through the emotional and practical challenges of a divorce in the context of a caring group. The program is open to people of all backgrounds and faiths.



Why Choose Grace Fellowship Church for DivorceCare?

Grace Fellowship Church provides a warm and welcoming environment where participants can feel comfortable sharing their experiences and emotions.  DivorceCare at Grace Fellowship Church is led by experienced, compassionate, and empathetic leaders who walk alongside you and provide non-judgmental support. They understand (including from personal experience) that divorce can be a painful and difficult journey and are dedicated to helping people find healing and hope.



The DivorceCare Program at Grace Fellowship Church

DivorceCare at Grace Fellowship Church is a 13-week program that includes weekly meetings, group discussions, videos featuring experts on divorce-related topics, and personal reflection and workbook activities. The program is designed to provide participants with practical tools and valuable DivorceCare resources to help them navigate their way through the deep hurt and challenges of separation and divorce. Confidentiality and respect are foundational components of the program.




How to Join DivorceCare at Grace Fellowship Church

If you're interested in joining DivorceCare at Grace Fellowship Church, all you need to do is register here. Meeting schedules, locations, and other details can be found here as well. For a full view of the many care services offered by the church, please see here




Testimonial from a Recent Participant (Mother of Two)

Participants have expressed that DivorceCare at Grace Fellowship Church has been pivotal in their healing journey, and they describe the program as "life-changing."  

One person who gave us permission to share the following is Ann, a divorced mother of two. When we reached out to her, she shared that her family, “wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for the care we received at DivorceCare.”  Ann’s son, now 16 years old, appreciated the course so much he decided to return to DivorceCare as a volunteer working in DC4K (DivorceCare for Kids).  

Countless others from the community have found comfort and support at DivorceCare. They have experienced hope and personal growth through the program, in spite of even horrific divorce experiences. We celebrate the many who have courageously walked through their difficult experiences through recovery and forward to life’s brighter days.



One Small Step to Free Support and a New Beginning

Divorce is a confusing, challenging, and emotional journey, but you don't have to go through it alone. Grace Fellowship Church in Katy, Texas is ready to offer you the support you need to find hope and healing. Don't hesitate to reach out and join the DivorceCare program. You'll be welcomed with open arms.


If you have any questions about DivorceCare or need assistance from the Care Ministry, please contact Charmel Paholek at 281.646.1903 ext. 134 or CPaholek@WhatIsGrace.org