8:45am & 10:45am
Contemporary Worship

Held in the Worship Center
Mask REQUIRED at 8:45am service. Mask OPTIONAL (when seated) at 10:45 service

Simple Grace Contemplative Worship

Held in The Great Southwest Prayer Center, located on the first floor of The Mansion

9am Servicio en Español
Adoración Contemporánea

Celebrado en el Campus Norte

10:45am English
Contemporary Worship

Held at North Campus

Missions Mobilization


Reach out to international friends in our area, helping them practice their English! Read the book of Luke with them for 45 minutes each week in a one-on-one setting. These English conversation sessions allow time to build friendship and share Christ's love. You plant the seed by being their friend while allowing God’s Word to work in their hearts.

Online session meeting day/time is based on each person's availability. To find out more about FriendSpeak, please click the link below to request access to the info session video, training, and registration. 

Email Sarah for more info about friendspeak

FriendSpeak is having a picnic and YOU are invited!

April 24, 11am-1pm, Worship Center Porch at Grace Fellowship

Join us as we celebrate a great year of ministry with food, fun, and fellowship!  FriendSpeak Ministry at Grace Fellowship has been blessing and outreaching to our international friends with English, friendship, and the Word of God since September 2020. We have 80+ volunteers and 150+ internationals.

If you are a teacher, please consider bringing a friend with you as more teachers are needed. Your guest can learn more about FriendSpeak while enjoying this time of fun, fellowship and food!

sign up for the friendspeak picnic

Questions: Email Bonnie or Sandy at

All COVID safety protocols will be observed during this event.





Perspectives on the World Christian Movement is a 16-week life and learning opportunity that will change the way you view the world around you. In it, you will have your eyes opened to the heart and purpose of God, and how you can take part in His work all over the world, from the urban streets of America to the rain forest and deserts of distant lands. A fantastic array of pastors, theologians, international missiologists and mobilizers will challenge and inspire you with their personal experiences that will open your eyes to see just how big God is, and how much He desires that all might come to know Him.

We are planning an in-person Perspectives course this Fall! This is a multi-church community class - invite your friends! Registration will open soon. Please click on the link below to receive a notification when registration is available.

I am interested in taking Perspectives

Questions? Email Maria at



Sometimes people talk about making disciples like it's a chore: chores are something you SHOULD do, but you probably don't want to. Now, is it a chore to tell your friends about your new favorite restaurant or movie? Is it a chore to have dinner with someone you love? The difference is whether you're talking about it out of obligation (you feel you should) or motivation (you want to). We want to make disciples and love God out of motivation!

Because you're reading this, I assume you want to abide in God's love, bear fruit, and have your joy be made full! Our multiply groups are about:

  1. ABIDING in God and Jesus. Spending time in relationship with Him, knowing Him and enjoying Him.
  2. As a result, out of OVERFLOW, we want to make disciples. Not because we have to, not because we 'should', not because of obligation, but because we are motivated to tell people about the JOY we have, the best news have!

It's okay if you're not there yet, that's probably why you're here. We want to walk together in that, in learning to love God, how to have conversations with other people about Him, and how to make disciples. Come learn with us! It's okay if you're busy or nervous or don't like meeting people or not good with words. The only thing you have to bring to the group is some time and some willingness to learn to love God more. 

JOHN 15: 

  • Jesus says that He is the vine, and we are the branches. Whoever abides in Jesus and Jesus abides in him, he bears much fruit.
  • God is glorified, that we bear much fruit and so prove to be his disciples. 
  • If you keep my commandments, you will abide in my love, and your joy may be full.

Doesn't that sound awesome? I want to do that.


  • 3 HOURS: Throughout the week, we have a reading structure of short Bible passages for us each to read.It takes about 3 hours altogether of Bible passages and a small workbook.
  • 2 HOURS: We go out in pairs or small groups throughout the week and practice sharing! When virtual, we explore how to share virtually as well! Your leaders will guide, model, and demonstrate SEVERAL times before you do it. Don't fear we'll assign you to go share the Gospel with no help!
  • 1 HOUR: We meet together for one hour of prayer together during the week. Prayer is a BIG part of the work!
  • 2 HOURS MEETING: We act like a team: we have a meeting 'HALF-TIME' where we gather, plan, pray, worship, and encourage each other before we go back out into the game again!

It's ABOUT 8 hours per week for 10 weeks.

We use 'Spiritual Multiplication in the Real World - Bob McNabb' (white textbook and orange workbook) as our framework. Amazon has them for $25 combined


get more info about joining a multiply group

A Discovery Bible Study (DBS) is a discipleship study which enables people to read the Bible and discover what it has to say to them. Simple, memorable questions allow participants to understand the character of God, encourage them to obey what they are learning and help them to share it with others.

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