Colson Fellows Program

Grace Fellowship’s mission is to make disciples who make disciples. We are passionate about pursuing our God-given mission because when disciplers are made, lives are changed!

The Colson Fellows Program is being offered as a new, strategic partnership between Grace Fellowship and the Colson Center, an organization committed to help every Christian live out their faith.

Together, we are offering you the opportunity to be part of the Colson Fellows Program. This 10-month intensive course will help you, as part of Grace Fellowship, to gain wisdom, live faithfully and act courageously.  

The Program provides you with a carefully curated journey that teaches you to more effectively apply biblical wisdom to the world around you.  Components include:

  • Thought-provoking books and videos
  • Webinars with Christian thought leaders
  • Daily devotionals
  • Once a month meeting to process the content with a group of like-minded Grace Fellowshippers

Choose an option to help you decide if the Colson Fellows Program is right for you:

  • Clicking on the Colson Fellows Crest to see the informational PDF about the Program at Grace.

  • Visiting the Colson Fellows National site and the Houston Regional site for more information. (Click on the underlined link to go there)  
  • Signing up for one of our upcoming information session on June 25th from 12:30 to 2:00. RSVP Here

If you are ready to be part of the Colson Fellows Program at Grace Fellowship, click on the button below to apply!

Apply Here

Applications are due by June 15.

The Colson Fellows Program begins July 1.


For questions, email