Visiting Kidz Ministry

We look forward to welcoming you on Sunday morning!

The adult worship services start at 8:45 & 10:45 a.m. We encourage guests to arrive 15 minutes early to ensure plenty  of time to get children checked in. 

  1. Come to the Welcome Desk in the Children's Education Building

  2. Complete a Visitor Form

  3. Receive a Security Tag

  4. Meet the Class

  5. Enjoy Big Church

  6. Pick Up at Classroom

Enroll to Get on the Roll & Use Electronic Check-In

For families who plan to attend Grace Fellowship regularly, fill out an Enrollment Form at the Welcome Desk to have your child’s name added to the class roster – that way on Sunday mornings, you can bypass the Welcome Desk and head straight to an electronic check-in station to check your child in and print tags before escorting your child to their class.

Special Needs Child:

If your child has a special need, please contact us prior to your visit so we can know about your child and prepare our staff to welcome them!  We will attempt to match your child with a buddy who will work with them in their age appropriate classroom or in our Special Needs Self Contained Classroom.  Click here to learn more about our Special Needs ministry.

Infant - 18 Months: 

The Kidz Ministry Nursery is located on the first floor of the Mansion.  A team of paid staff and volunteers care for the smallest of our congregation with loving hands and hearts as they learn it is OK to be away from mom and dad! Arrive 15-minutes before service to check your child in and please be sure to bring and label all items your child might need while in our care.