Student Worship
Make a joyful noise to the Lord, all the earth! Serve the Lord with gladness! Come into his presence with singing!
— Psalm 100:1-2

Grace Fellowship UMC has four Student Worship Bands that serve Junior High AM Rush and High School RPM worship

Students from 7-12 grade are eligible to audition. After auditions, we place students into bands based on their grade, skill level, and positions needed in each band. In addition to singers, we mainly need students who play acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar, piano, or the drum set.

What it all means:


We envision a generation of students who live lifestyles of worshipers and lead others to do the same.

Mission Statement

We lead others to truly encounter God and worship the Lord in Spirit and in truth through song, prayer, scripture, our testimony, and serving others. (John 4:24)

Ministry Goal

We disciple students in the ministry of leading worship and utilizing the gifts God has given them to honor God and edify the body of Christ. Success in this ministry is producing students who have thriving relationships with Jesus, are strong spiritual leaders and have the desire to worship God with every fiber of their being.

Leadership by Example

God calls each of us to have a relationship with Him that is honest, active and growing. God wants us to give Him our “sacrifice of worship.” (Psalm 107:21-22)  This means that our lives reflect whom we worship.   As members of the Student Worship Ministry, we will purpose to encounter the Lord on a daily basis and seek His will above our own. We choose to lead by example.


The overarching goal for a student worship team member is to love and worship the Lord and lead others to do the same. We should strive to serve as models for how worshippers should act. The Student Worship Ministry’s purpose is to draw people into an encounter with Jesus through worship.

If you would like to be in a Student Worship Band, here are some tips:

  • Start preparing!  Don’t wait. This ministry is not designed as lessons to teach students how to play an instrument or sing. We encourage students to get into private lessons, or choir, or the school band if they aren’t already. These will help them prepare and increase their chances of making it into a band. And if they aren’t ready this year, no worries. We do auditions every May and sometimes in December. Watch for announcements on this website and in services!

  • A Big Commitment:  Being in the Student Worship Ministry requires weekly commitment to practice at home and consistent attendance at band rehearsals.

  • Active Involvement:  If you aren't already, get involved in either AM Rush Junior High services or RPM Senior High services. Students who lead worship for these ministries should be actively involved and that will be one of the first questions we ask at auditions in May.

  • Parent Volunteers:  Each band is led by several parent/adult volunteers. We call them Band Coaches. Most of them are parents of students in the bands. They are usually people who love worship and students, and have some musical knowledge. Coaches do not have to be professional musicians by any means, but they are super important to the success of this ministry. We simply could not run all four bands without these coaches. Parents, please pray about your possible involvement and contact Jerry if you are interested in learning more about being a coach.

If you would like more information on joining or helping the Student Worship bands, contact our  Student Worship Director, Jerry Heinold!