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Coming this Sunday:

Get To Know Jesus A Study of the Gospel of Luke

If you could make only one New Year’s Resolution, what would be the best resolution that you could make? Weight loss? Exercise? Eat right? More
time with family? Hit a goal at work? These are all great resolutions, but they are not the best or the most important. Hands down, the best resolution that any of us could pursue this year would be to grow in our relationship with God – to get to know Jesus more and more. What do you say that we pursue that high ambition together? We plan to dedicate the first portion of our new year to studying the life and teachings of Jesus Christ by diving into the Gospel of Luke together. Will you join us?

Our topics will include:

  • Jan. 6 Jesus Begins His Ministry Luke 4:1-44
  • Jan. 13 Jesus Calls His First Disciples Luke 5:1-6:16
  • Jan. 20 Jesus’ Sermon on the Plain Luke 6:17-49
  • Jan. 27 Jesus Heals and Forgives Luke 7:1-50
  • Feb. 3 Jesus Calms a Storm Luke 8:1-25
  • Feb. 10 Jesus Casts Out Demons Luke 8:26-56
  • Feb. 17 Jesus Sends Out His Disciples – Part 1 Luke 9:1-50
  • Feb. 24 Jesus Confronts Excuses Luke 9:51-62
  • March 3 Jesus Sends Out His Disciples – Part 2 Luke 10:1-24
  • March 10 Jesus Teaches About Loving Our Neighbor Luke 10:25-42

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