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Sermon Resources

“Questions I’d Like To Ask God” Sermon Series 

With your input, we have put together a sermon series of the seven questions that most people want to ask God, and then we are going to spend seven Sundays (starting on August 18) covering those questions from the Bible. Here are the questions we will be studying:

  • SUFFERING: How Can There Be a Good God When There is So Much Evil and Suffering in the World?
  • TRUTH: Is the Bible Reliable and Truly God’s Word?
  • FAIRNESS: How Can a Loving God Send People to Hell Who Have Never Heard About Jesus?
  • SUICIDE: Is Suicide the Unforgivable Sin?
  • DOUBTS: Can I Believe If I Have Doubts and Questions?
  • UNANSWERED PRAYER: Why Didn’t God Answer My Prayers?
  • EVOLUTION: Are the Bible and Science Compatible?

Sermon Archive 

Search through our sermon archive by sermon series, month, year, speaker or scripture reference.  Sermon notes, if available, are accessed by clicking the TRANSCRIPT link under the sermon.

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