8:45am & 10:45am
Contemporary Worship

Held in the Worship Center

Traditional Worship

Held in the Mansion Vista

9am Servicio en Español
Contemporáneo Adoración

Celebrado en el Campus Norte

10:45am English
Contemporary Worship

Held at North Campus

Privacy Policy


Private Policy:

Your full name and contact information will be kept private and will never be displayed on the online Prayer Wall. Our Call Room Intercessor will moderate all prayer request for appropriateness and will remove any personal information, including people’s last name, from all prayer request submission before they are posted to the online Prayer Wall. There may be instances where a Call Room Intercessor may feel the leading of the Lord to reach out to you, through your contact information, to further pray WITH you. This is only done by our trained Call Room Intercessor and not by the regular prayer team.

Sharing Options:

If you choose “SHARE PUBLICLY”, it will be placed on the online Prayer Wall with your first name displayed.

If you choose “SHARE ANONYMOUSLY”, your prayer will be placed on the online Prayer Wall with the designation “Anonymous”.

If you choose “DO NOT SHARE THIS”, only the Grace Fellowship Prayer Team Call Room Intercessors will see your prayer.

Email Me When Someone Prays:

No matter which Sharing option you decide for your prayer, if you choose to receive emails, you will receive an email notification when the Prayer Team Call Room Intercessors initially pray for your request. If you choose for your prayer to be shared on the Prayer Wall, you will be notified each time someone prays over your request and clicks on the “PRAY FOR YOU” button.

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