Our Vision

It is the vision of Grace Fellowship to be a "House of Prayer for all Nations"; taking our direction from Isaiah 56:7 and Jesus' words in Matthew 21.

Here is how we feel we can live out this vision:


Seeking to make disciples who love God and neighbor through small groups and discipleship relationships.

Long Term House Goals:

  • Spiritual community: Trust God to see all the people engaged in a lifestyle of community (participating in the Sunday worship experience and in a discipleship relationship of some kind).

  • Serving: Trust God to see all the people operate out of their unique spiritual gifts in serving the body of Christ in some way.

Seeking God's Presence

Seeking and experiencing the Presence of God through worship, Word, and prayer.

Long Term Prayer Goals:

  • Individual spiritual disciplines:Trust God to see all the people having a daily time of intimacy with God in worship, Word, and prayer.

  • Presence-based church: Trust God to be a Presence-based church that focuses first on inviting and pleasing God.

  • Others-focused prayer: Trust God to inspire, equip, and then provide opportunities for all the people to engage with God in prayer for and with others as a lifestyle.

  • Corporate prayer: Trust God to build a house where we pray together, including a 24/7 prayer and worship movement called Audience of One.


Seeking to make disciples of all nations through local and international outreach.

Long Term Nations Goals:

  • Compassion: Trust God to build a culture of compassion where we are actively meeting the needs of our community.

  • Outreach: Trust God to build a culture of faith-sharing where we are going to lost people where they are, and where we are planting a new church every 2 years.

  • Unreached Peoples: Trust God to become world Christians and specifically to adopt and reach 10 unreached people groups.