Men's Mentoring

Why MENtoring?

Men’s Small Group Mentoring has been going on since Jesus walked on the earth. It just wasn’t called that. God still calls us to do what Jesus did – make disciple makers. Jesus spent time with 12 men, but He poured Himself into the 3 disciples – Peter, James and John that they might be with Him, become like Him, and then make Him known throughout the Earth. Jesus’ call on our lives remains the same. We want to build a multiplying disciple-making movement through men’s small group mentoring at Grace Fellowship. The mentoring small group will last for 1 year.

MENtors needed...

  • Mentors have a commitment to influence younger men.
  • Mentors will receive training and preparation before small groups begin.
  • Take this short quiz to see if you are mentor material.  We are praying about the right men serving as mentors who are spiritually mature men who are ‘all in’ for Jesus and the vision of Grace Fellowship.

Being a MENtee...

  • Men who want to be challenged and encouraged.
  • Men who want to be intentionally discipled to be more like Jesus.
  • Small groups will be in quads, one mentor with three mentees in each group.

Questions, contact Blair at