8:45am & 10:45am
Contemporary Worship

Held in the Worship Center

Traditional Worship

Held in the Mansion Vista

9am Servicio en Español
Contemporáneo Adoración

Celebrado en el Campus Norte

10:45am English
Contemporary Worship

Held at North Campus

High School

RPM High School Logo

RPM is a community of high school students from all over the Katy area that come together every Sunday night from 5:30-7 p.m. in the Epicentre student building at Grace Fellowship.

We laugh hard, eat much, sing loud, meet new friends, and seek to walk boldly in the ways of Jesus and the Bible. We are wide open to all students and yet hold nothing back.

Come experience and get to know the God who loves us outrageously, who calls us to radical obedience, and who arms us with eternal hope to bring back to our homes, campuses, and to the ends of the earth.

Together, let's go all in on everything God has for us. We will never be the same!

Bring your friends to RPM for fun, food and conversations about things that matter to high school students.

Coming Up


  • April 5-7, RE:vive retreat.
  • April 7, No RPM due to RE:vive retreat.
  • April 21, Easter- no RPM.


  • May 5, Senior Sunday
  • May 12, Mother's Day- no RPM
  • May 23, Super Summer Kickoff from 11:30am-2pm! We will make a 60ft Sundae and play games!
  • May 29, Momentum Rock Climbing


  • June 10-14, VBS Student Volunteering
  • June 19, Trivia Night @ Chick-fil-A from 7-9pm
  • June 27, Spud Wars and Potatoe Bar @ the Epi from 1-3pm.


  • July 3, Movie day @ the Epi from 1:30-3:30pm.
  • July 17, Board games and Blue Bell @ the Epi from 7-9:30pm.
  • July 25, Waterworld @ the Epi from 1-3:30pm.
  • July 30, Incoming 9th grade night/Parent meeting @ the Epi from 7:30-9pm.


High School Student Leaders

Our world defines leadership as the ability to influence others with persuasion and popularity.  We believe that leadership in the Church should look much different.  Spiritual leaders seek after God’s heart and lead others to do the same.  Do you want to be a student of Godly character?  Do you want to look for ways to make an eternal difference in the lives of others?  Do you want to pray bold prayers about how God could use your future for His glory?  Then student leadership is for you! 

Contact for more information about becoming a Student Leader!