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Contemporáneo Adoración

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10:45am English
Contemporary Worship

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Discipleship Journey

The Discipleship Journey

We invite our church family to take a fresh look at “The Discipleship Journey.”  This journey can be described via four significant stepping stones:

  • Exploring Christ
  • Following Christ
  • Close to Christ
  • Christ Centered

The big idea behind our invitation was this: discipleship (growing to look and act like Jesus) is a lifelong journey.  And like every journey, we need to consistently determine and take our “Next Step.”

To reinforce this key truth about discipleship, we were all invited to determine what our individual Next Step should be.  We were all asked to make a public declaration of our Next Step by placing a “footprint” on one of The Discipleship Journey posters located across the Grace Fellowship campuses. Our hope is that at least 3,000 of us will determine, declare and undertake our Next Step in 2017.

Would you prayerfully ask God to reveal your Next Step to you (and to your neighbor)?  And if you haven’t already done so, write that Next Step on one of the footprint stickers located by the Discipleship Journey posters at both campuses, and then place your sticker on that poster.

Here are some examples of possible Next Steps: