8:45am & 10:45am
Contemporary Worship

Held in the Worship Center

Traditional Worship

Held in the Mansion Vista

9am Servicio en Español
Contemporáneo Adoración

Celebrado en el Campus Norte

10:45am English
Contemporary Worship

Held at North Campus

Audience of One

Audience of One (Prayer Room)

Audience of One is the name of our live prayer and worship sets in the prayer center. It is a corporate expression of worship and prayer to our Audience of One, the Lord our God.  Facilitated by churches in the Katy/West Houston area, it is a love offering to the One that first loved us.  Audience of One is a gathering place where people can hear the heart of the Lord as they share their heart with Him. All are welcome and you are free to come and go as you like.

Check out the schedule for the times, days, topics and who is leading.

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Audience of One is designed to allow everyone in the room to enter into the worship and prayer that is being presented before the throne of God.  Against a backdrop of candlelight, you may engage in the topical prayers that are being offered, you may sing with the presented worship, or you may silently offer up your own heart-felt prayers. The setting is such that you may find peace in the presence of the Lord. For your convenience, there are tables set up throughout the room providing a place to study the Word. Or, if you prefer, you may visit the various prayer stations strategically located around the perimeter of the room.  Finally, feel free to express your worship at the Art Wall, use the available supplies, or bring your own. Come just as you are. Perhaps bring your Bible, a journal, your laptop, even a bottle of water (no other food or beverage is allowed in the prayer room).

In the absence of a live worship and prayer set, there will be a live stream from International House of Prayer, Kansas City, or, quiet pre-recorded music.  For times and sets please check the calendar above for Audience of One.