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21 Days of Prayer

21 Days of Prayer for our Friends to Know Christ

We all have friends that we want to encourage in their faith walks and that we have thought about inviting to church. What would it look like to set us all up for success in that? I think it would look like praying for it, preparing a great Sunday for it, and then all doing it together. Here’s the plan:

  • 21 DAYS OF PRAYER FOR OUR NEIGHBORS TO KNOW CHRIST – Starting August 4, we are asking everyone to spend 21 days praying by name for our unchurched friends. Write down the names of friends, neighbors, relatives, and co-workers whom God is putting on your heart, and then commit to pray for them each day for 21 days.
  • “SEVEN QUESTIONS I’D LIKE TO ASK GOD” SERMON SERIES – This is a softball lob for an easy home run.  With your input, we have put together a sermon series of the seven questions that most people want to ask God, and then we are going to spend seven Sundays (starting on August 18) covering those questions from the Bible. (See the list of questions in this newsletter.)
  • LET’S ALL DO IT TOGETHER – There is power and accountability and comradery in doing something together. What could happen if every single one of us invited a friend (or 3) to church on August 18? We could bust our Easter and Christmas Eve records!  But, more importantly, many lives could be touched for Christ.

Come on, Grace Fellowship, let’s rally together and pray and invite unchurched friends to church and watch God impact lives for Christ like we’ve never seen before!

Day 1 - Aug. 4

Pray for my Neighbors to know Christ

Application: Invite an unbelieving person to coffee or meal. Invite them to come with you to church.

Day 2 - Aug. 5

Pray for my Neighbors who live on our street to know Christ

Application: Intentionally connect with one of your close neighbors.

Day 3 - Aug. 6

Pray for my Neighbors at work to know Christ

Application: Step into their world by listening well.

Day 4 - Aug. 7

Pray for my Neighbors at my school to know Christ.

Application: Send your friend an encouraging text.

Day 5 - Aug. 8

Pray for my Neighbors I interact with at my dry cleaners, grocery store, car repair shop, etc. to know Christ.

Application: Express your gratitude to them for the work they've done for you.

Day 6 - Aug. 9

Pray for my Neighbors who are difficult to love to know Christ.

Application: Do a random act of kindness for them.

Day 7 - Aug. 10

Pray for my Neighbors in other nations to know Christ.

Application: Visit a cafe and pray quietly for those serving.

Day 8 - Aug. 11

Pray for my Neighbors visiting the church to know Christ.

Application: Find a new face at church and make a connection.

Day 9 - Aug. 12

Pray for my Neighbors who are suffering to know Christ.

Application: Visit, send a card, or take a meal to share the love of Christ.

Day 10 - Aug. 13

Pray for my Neighbors who need employment to know Christ.

Application: Offer a grocery card to someone in need.

Day 11 - Aug. 14

Pray for my Neighbors who are prodigals to know Christ.

Application: Invite someone far from, or exploring, Christ to the Alpha Course that starts Sept. 10.

Day 12 - Aug. 15

Pray for my Neighbors in Katy, Texas to know Christ.

Application: Visit an Audience of One Worship set on Aug, 15, praying for revival at 6pm or the lost at 8pm.

Day 13 - Aug. 16

Pray for my Neighbors that aren't born yet to know Christ.

Application: Bless Keturah's Haven with supplies or your time.

Day 14 - Aug. 17

Pray for my Neighbors who are addicted to know Christ.

Application: Is there anyone you can pray for, by name, for their freedom and refer to Care Recovery or Prayer Steps to Freedom.

Day 15 - Aug. 18

Pray for my Neighbors who struggle with mental illness and depression to know Christ.

Application: Send a "Thinking of You" card with an encouraging Scripture. Cup your hands during the Prayer Call at the Altar and ask for prayer for that person.

Day 16 - Aug. 19

Pray for my Neighbors who are atheist or agnostics to know Christ.

Application: Fast from a meal today and pray for their salvation.

Day 17 - Aug. 20

Pray for my Neighbors who are chasing the American dream instead of chasing God to know Christ.

Application: Give material items to Katy Christian Ministries as a prophetic act.

Day 18 - Aug. 21

Pray for my Neighbors who pastor churches to have the God-given power to make Christ known.

Application: As you drive and see churches in your area, pray for the pastor and their family.

Day 19 - Aug. 22

Pray for my Neighbors who are lonely to know Christ.

Application: Seek out and befriend someone outside of your circle to show God's love.

Day 20 - Aug. 23

Pray for my Neighbors among the Ban*jar, Makas*sar, Bug*is, and Raj*put to know Christ.

Application: Put on your calendar to visit prayer groups for Unreached People Groups on Aug. 4 during the second service that begins at 10:45am.

Day 21 - Aug. 24

Pray for my Neighbors to have their names written in The Lamb's Book of Life.

Application: Who can you share your faith journey with? Seek an opportunity to share your faith in Christ. Invite them to church!

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